A Little About Me

Hi! My name is Jamie. I’m a 22-year-old college senior. I will be receiving my B.A. in Biology this May and starting medical school in the fall. Some of my favorite things include: book series like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Twilight, oatmeal, shopping, all things pink, and going on walks. I have two younger sisters, Allie and Taylor, and an older brother, Justin. There is a lot more to me than all that, but you’ll just have to read my blog to find out!

My Journey Into Fitness and Nutrition

I’ve been an active girl my entire life. I was a competitive cheerleader in junior high and high school. When I started college I knew I wanted to stay active, but I didn’t really know what to do. I typically went to the gym and spent 30 minutes on the elliptical. It was good for boosting my endorphins, but it really wasn’t doing much for my body. Second semester of my freshman year, I went through some tough things. My life kind of spiraled out of control, and I became very restrictive with my diet. I was really unhealthy, depressed, and I lost a lot of weight.

Eventually, I got all that under control. A lot of time passed before I felt comfortable going to the gym again. Eventually though, I felt I was ready to work out without it being about burning calories or losing weight. I still didn’t really know what to do at the gym though, so I went back to my regular 30 minutes on the elliptical.

My junior year of college I started running. I ran two 5k races then signed up for a half-marathon! I ran my first half-marathon in August 2012. Crossing that finish line was honestly the best feeling in the world. After the half-marathon I was totally burnt out on running. I went back to my usual 30 minute elliptical workouts.

Now, in my senior year of college, I’ve fallen in love with weight lifting. I’ve ventured to the “men’s” side of the gym and it is getting less scary every day. My cardio workouts always make me feel good physically and mentally, but my strength training workouts are changing my body. I’m building muscle, and I love it! This blog will focus on my weight lifting experiences, nutrition, and supplements. It will also be a lot of my random ramblings. Enjoy!

My Inspiration

Here are some links to blogs/websites by some very amazing, strong women who inspire me:





6 thoughts on “About

  1. I am an Oberlin student thinking about applying to medical school. How many Oberlin seniors have been accepted to medical school?

    Knowing other Oberlin medical school applicants, and having been accepted to medical school yourself (congrats!!!!), what would you say a ‘typical’ Oberlin med-school applicant looks like?

    I am talking GPA, lab experience, MCAT… the basics. You don’t have to share your details if you don’t want to, but based on your knowledge of other Oberlin students who have been accepted to medical schools, what can you share?

    • I don’t really think there is a typical Oberlin med school applicant or a typical med school applicant in general. Just keep your grades up and aim for an MCAT score of at least 30. As far as lab experience, if you’re interested in research go for it. If not, that’s okay too. You’ll definitely want to have shadowed a doctor or have some clinical experience to show medical schools that you know what being a doctor really looks like and so you’ll be able to talk specifically about why you want to pursue medicine.

  2. We have so much in common! I absolutely love Harry Potter too, am planning to run a half marathon and am just starting to get into weight lifting. 🙂 So happy I found your blog, love it!

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